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“ In Just a Few Hours, I’ll Teach You How to Eliminate Your Back Pain, Sit in Exquisite Comfort, and Transform Your Posture so You Can Stay Active at Any Age!”

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Dana Davis

Are you constantly distracted by pain when you’re sitting in workshops, classes or at your desk? It’s hard to learn, enjoy yourself and be productive when you’re always squirming and shifting in your chair, trying to get comfortable.

Are you hopeless about finding any method that will really work long-term?

You may have tried various types of chairs, treatments and medications, but unless you change the major underlying cause of back pain—poor posture—you may never get lasting relief.

What if you could find a way to eliminate your back pain and transform your posture at the same time?

How would your life be different if you could sit comfortably all day and really focus on what you’re doing?

What if you knew how to take care of your own back for the rest of your life?

I too wanted the answers to these questions when I was struggling with back pain 15 years ago. I used to work for a management consultant and spent most of every day sitting at the computer. I was really trying to have what I thought was “good posture,” so I tried to “sit up straight” while I was working. A guy who worked in the same building even used to comment as he walked by, “You have such good posture!”

So I felt pretty proud of myself. Yet, by the end of the day I would be hunched over with my shoulders forward, my neck aching, and desperately wanting a massage! It was so frustrating and disappointing to realize that my efforts weren’t working. I thought I just had to “put up with my pain.” I thought it was normal.

Then I discovered the Balance Method. The secret comes from studying healthy people who don’t have back pain and stay straight and strong into their old age.

I learned how to sit in healthy alignment like many people around the world do naturally. This made an amazing difference in my comfort level. I felt SO relaxed. I was able to work all day at the computer, pain-free!

“Now I’m able to drive for 9 hours and even take 12-hour airplane flights
Example of bad posture

This would have never been possible without learning these simple guidelines of healthy, natural alignment.

Through the Balance Method, you will:

• Learn the secrets of naturally healthy posture
• Relax into gravity instead of fighting it
• Transform your posture without doing sit-ups
• Look more elegant by aligning your spine
• Reduce or eliminate your back pain

Almost everyone in highly industrialized countries has adopted a modern posture that is misaligned and so pervasive we can't even see it. I couldn’t see it either, until my teacher modeled the typical American posture. When I saw her in that position, I thought, “Yeah, that looks just like me.”

Image of Proper PostureThen she shifted her posture to show me how people in less industrialized parts of the world stand. I looked at her in amazement and said, “Wow, I don’t know what you just did, but you look 20 years younger!”

So I wanted to learn how to have this graceful, elegant posture because I was worried that as I got older, I would end up looking just like all the stooped-over people I saw around me. I wanted to learn how to be in Balance, not only because I wanted to feel better, I wanted to look better!

Now I feel MUCH more comfortable and relaxed in my body. AND I’m much happier with my appearance. I even had someone walk up to me in a parking lot and compliment me on my posture! This really works!

So you might be thinking, “Yes, but I’ve had this posture for YEARS, and I’ve tried everything. How can I change now?”

I also wondered how I would change, especially after years of studying and practicing yoga, Flamenco dance, Belly dance, tai chi, karate, African dance and more. I was a professional Flamenco dancer in San Francisco, and everyone seems to think that dancers have great posture. But after all those years, I still had the same back problems! It was so much work to have “good posture”, and the minute I forgot, I collapsed into what one of my students called “a cashew position” (hunched over).

Luckily, Balance is the same posture that all children on Earth naturally have up until age 3, so you had this healthy alignment yourself when you were younger. You’ll just be returning to something you’ve already experienced. I also found that my body loved the positions so much that after a while I couldn’t bear to sit or stand with my old habits. They were incredibly uncomfortable!

I have gained so much through this work that I want to share it with people like you.

That’s why I created this program…

“Good Posture is Bad for Your Back:
Powerful Secrets to Prevent and
Heal Your Back Pain Naturally”

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In this step-by-step program, you will learn:

Even as a Certified Yoga Teacher, I need this information to teach my students. I have studied yoga since 1984, and I never heard about these alignment guidelines in my yoga classes. I’ve been teaching Balance classes since 1997, and I’ve seen hundreds of students gain wide-ranging benefits, such as:

Many of my Balance students are able to return to activities they previously had to give up because of their old back pain. Now they have practical tools they can use anywhere, anytime.

Dana Davis is truly a gift to all back pain sufferers. I had tried everything: yoga, pilates, chiropractors, massage, acupuncture, even physical therapy. None made it easier for me to sit in comfort. I'm at the computer all day, and I often go to workshops with bad chairs that make my back ache constantly. I used to have headaches at the end of most days because my neck was so tight and my shoulders so strained.

Then I met Dana and studied with her product, "Good Posture is Bad for Your Back." The information she shares is priceless: I mean it. I started listening to her CDs in my car and I immediately felt more relaxed and at ease behind the steering wheel. I began to practice the simple posture techniques that she teaches.

Then I went to a 3-day workshop and didn't even notice my back pain the whole weekend. I couldn't believe it! Knowing what to do for my body made me so empowered and grateful. I was able to participate fully, Photo of Vrinda Normandwith all my attention because I wasn't distracted by pain. Wow, thank you Dana! Anyone with a desk job should DEFINITELY buy this product. It's a no brainer.

—Vrinda Normand
Copywriting Coach

“But I’m already SO busy! I don’t have time to practice another technique
to heal my pain.”

I know you’re busy, like so many people today. The beauty of Balance is that you can practice it wherever you are, for the rest of your life. It doesn’t require separate “exercises” that you have to do in special clothes with special equipment. You practice exactly as you are.

You can easily integrate these simple tools into your daily life. After all, Balance was inspired by regular people, not elite athletes.

Why did I call it “Good Posture is Bad for Your Back?”

You may have been taught certain “rules” for having “good posture,” but found that they didn’t work! What you may have heard was: “tuck your pelvis, suck your belly in, lift your chest, shoulders back, chin up.”

These guidelines are exhausting and require constant muscle tension. The minute you forget about them, you find yourself collapsing into a rounded position. Luckily, my program isn’t going to teach you how to do ANY of those things!

I bet you’re curious: how you could POSSIBLY have elegant, pain-free posture without following those rules?

Well, I’m excited to show you how in “Good Posture is Bad for Your Back.” This program is designed to be easy, practical and effective, so you can get started right away!

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This program is NOT for you if:

Even though there are no exercises required in this program, you do have to practice. I can’t do it for you. However, I think you’ll find the positions easy to learn and immediately helpful.

"Before I took the Balance class, I experienced chronic neck, low back, hip, and gluteal tension, in spite of the fact that I received weekly chiropractic adjustments. While taking the class, my tension decreased significantly. The tools I learned in the class also enabled me to teach basic sitting skills to patients which helped eliminate a major cause of recurring back pain for many of them.”

—Jay Bunker, D.C.
Albany, CA

According to the National Institutes of Health, low back pain costs Americans at least $50 billion each year! Too many people spend thousands of dollars on medications or surgery. You don’t have to do that!

You can take charge of your own health by learning the Balance Method.

“Good Posture is Bad for Your Back” is an affordable way to heal your back pain without ever having to leave your home. And you will have the audio files and workbook to use as often as you want!

This approach to posture is totally unique—unlike anything you’ve ever been exposed to.

Are you ready to take the next step towards a pain-free life?

Here’s How…

“Good Posture is Bad for Your Back:
Powerful Secrets to Prevent and
Heal Your Back Pain Naturally”

(It’s not what your mother taught you!)

With this program you will gain the tools you need to sit in exquisite comfort and start transforming your posture.

You’ll get:

• Instructional mp3 audio files (just under 2 hours) that teach you specific, simple guidelines to sit pain-free. You’ll be able to sit with comfort as long as you want.

• Practice mp3 audio files (equivalent of 2 audio CDs) you can use at work or home to remind you to realign yourself in Balance. Since I know you’re busy, this is a “no-brainer” way to stay in Balance so you can prevent pain while you’re focusing on other things. Background music is interspersed with periodic brief reminders to check your alignment and come back to Balance, so you don't end up sore and exhausted.
Image of workbook

A 46-page workbook with photos to show you in detail exactly how to sit pain-free. Combining audio and visual learning helps you to absorb the material more fully. You can carry the workbook with you for easy reference during your day

Easy-to-follow sections in the audio files & workbook help you digest and remember the material, so your new skills become integrated into your daily life.

A free subscription to the "Balanced Body" E-zine, with monthly articles about back pain, posture and yoga to help you stay balanced and pain-free.


****NOTE: All products are downloadable, not hard copies.

Can’t wait to get started?


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Here’s what some of my students have said about Balance:

“Balance has helped many of my patients, and it has played a pivotal role in my own health and well being.”

—Ginny Howe, DC
Kensington, CA


"Dana has been a great instructor, very present and knowledgeable. I've been a deep tissue bodyworker for 24 years, and I now feel I have a whole new set of skills to take better care of myself as well as an increased awareness to help my clients."

—Ray George, bodyworker, Sebastopol, CA


"This class was a revelation for me. It increased my awareness of being out of Balance and I learned simple changes I can make to become more balanced and pain free. It was powerful learning what I can do on a daily basis to avoid pain. Dana taught us simple techniques to use everyday to correct bad posture and live pain free. It’s given me hope and has been a life changing experience that has put me back in control."

—Julie Shapiro, Berkeley, CA


Why wait another day to get rid of your back pain? Don’t let pain keep you from the activities you love. Don’t let it stop you from being productive and successful at work. You’ll feel so much better once you learn these simple guidelines.


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I’ll also receive Practice mp3 audio files (equivalent of 2 audio CDs) that I can use at home or work to remind me to stay in Balance.

I’ll also get a 46-page digital workbook with detailed instructions and photos.

All products are downloadable, so you'll get immediate access.

Digital audio files + workbook + 20-minute phone consultation = $59.95.
Digital audio files + workbook = $39.95.
Pain-free posture workbook only = $19.95.

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I look forward to helping you feel better and look better naturally!

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P.S. Discover the secret to pain-free posture that millions of people know instinctively. Get started today: you’ll feel better and look better, so you can enjoy the rest of your life pain-free!

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